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Rapid Injury Assessment Plan

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Rapid Injury Assessment Plan (R.I.A.P) - $50+GST / Year

We do not like waiting for answers either!

Get answers to what your injury is, when your injury happens, from experts in the field.

This plan provides you with an assessment of acute injuries from sport or life.  We provide you the advice you need to get you back to your activities as quickly as possible.

Get an assessment done within 48 business hours Monday - Saturday

Assessments are 20-30 minutes long.  We will do a thorough assessment of the injury, provide you with our assessment (what you have injured) and a give you a basic plan with what we think should be done to get you back to your activity.

No worries if you injure yourself once throughout the year or ten times, we will make sure you are back on the right path in no time!


Concussion Plan - $150+GST / Year

Concussion is a common injury in sport today.  But do you know how to rehabilitate them?  Taking care of your brain is important and studies show that if you take proper care of concussion, you can significantly negate the long term effects.

This plan is for you if taking care of your best self is a priority.

The medical community has come together and said that expensive computerized testing is not necessary in the assessment and rehabilitation of a concussion.  For this reason we are focusing our plan on the treatment of a concussion.

Get an assessment of a possible concussion within 48 business hours Monday-Saturday.

Once your assessment is done we will indicate the direction your rehabilitation should go.

This plan includes both manual and exercise therapy as required post-concussion, monitored return to play steps and guidance through the entire process.

This plan also includes everything in the Rapid Injury Assessment Plan at no extra charge!