Fortitude Strength & Conditioning is your connection between how your body moves and the demands your sport or life place onto your body.  Mixing all aspects of Strength, Physical Literacy, Conditioning and Performance allows your body to develop optimally and maximize efficiency

Strength and Conditioning Services



Our One-On-One services are individually tailored to your needs.  Everything about this screams individuality from the moment you come in for your initial consultation to the last session the program is tailored to your specific goals, abilities and needs.



Group Training

Train with your friend(s) in a fun environment and challenge each other as you improve!

$125+GST (Add $12.5 per Person with more than 2)


Forittude Membership

 Introducing FLEX HOURS! these sessions can be used for either Athletic Therapy or Strength & Conditioning sessions so your plan can always match your goals.
Membership Inculdes:

  • Complmentary 90 minute assessment to determine the best course of treatment
  • 6  Flex Hours one-on-one with our Athletic Therapists per month
  • A personalized exercise rehabilitation program and/or strength and conditioning program (based on your goals)
  • Access to our gym facility ~ Sunridge location only



Sport Specific Training (Group Setting)

Sessions Per Week

One Session / Week - $100 / Month / Person +GST

Two Sessions / Week - $200 / Month / Person +GST

Three Sessions / Week - $300 / Month / Person +GST

In-Season Training

Your in season training will be individually created and delivered in a group setting so everyone can succeed, motivate each other and grow together.  Your Pitchers, Point Guards or Goalies should not be doing exactly the same thing as your Short-Stops, Forwards or Defencemen and here they won't!

Off-Season Training

Change the focus in your off season to better prepare you for the season to come.  We will focus on movement patterns, mobility and other aspects of movement to prepare you while working in the right amounts of Strength, Power, Speed and Agility to optimize growth.  This is a Science, remember.