Why Choose Fortitude?

Our team has your best interests in mind.   We utilize top research and practically apply it.  This means that not only will we follow best practice and utilize the most contemporary manual therapy and exercise therapy methods, we will also custom tailor every treatment to your current stage of rehabilitation

Why Choose Us for your chonic pain treatment?

Chronic Pain is something that affects many people in their day to day lives.  We regularly hear of a friend, colleague or family member suffering from chronic pain or a chronic injury with little relief and they give up on getting better.

At Fortitude all of our staff are dedicated to the challenges chronic pain inflicts on our clients.  We use a multifaceted approach to managing and treating chronic pain which includes an individualized treatment plan. 


Our practitioners each have varying skills, thus we will regularly inter-refer clients within our staff in order to achieve the best results for the individual.  Who you see will depend on your signs, symptoms, function and contributing factors to your pain or injury.

Typically treatment will begin with more manual types of therapy.  As you become more functional, your therapy will change and you will begin to encompass more movement based therapy.  The limits from here are dependent on where you would like to take your rehabilitation.  If being functional in your day to day life is your goal, that is our goal too.   If getting back to being highly active is your goal, then this is our goal.  We will work with you to reach those goals!

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